Saturday, August 27, 2016
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Subscribe to 'Harashim'

ANZMRC has a "Correspondence Circle", enabling individual brethren to subscribe to Harashim, the Newsletter of the Research Council. Harashim is published four times per year, and contains a wealth of information of direct interest to brethren interested in Masonic Research, in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally. All member Research Lodges of the ANZMRC receive limited copies of Harashim. Your research lodge secretary should have a copy to show or lend.

Joining the Correspondence Circle will enable you to DIRECTLY receive Harashim on a regular basis. It will also entitle you to join the ANZMRC email list (if your lodge is not a member of ANZMRC).

PLEASE NOTE - paid subscriptions are no longer being taken. From mid 2005 Harashim will be available only in electronic format (pdf file) by email to new members of the Correspondence Circle. Please supply the information given below to the ANZMRC Secretary to register your interest.

"Harashim", the quarterly newsletter of ANZMRC - ISSN 1328-2735

PLEASE NOTE - the latest issue of Harashim may be downloaded from the lower part of the front page of the Grand Lodge of Tasmania web site.
ANZMRC is grateful to the GL of Tasmania webmaster for providing this service.

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